Iromuji w/ Flower Balls


Sherbet orange iromuji (one color) with kusudama (floral ball) pattern and lovely long sleeves. The pattern is dyed using "bokashi" technique and is thus considered iromuji.

Awase (lined)



Measurements: 157/68/67/62/41 (See SIZE GUIDE for measurement info!)

Condition: Excellent

There are no holes, tears or smell. There is one spot on the sleeve.

TPO: Semi-formal occasion (theatre, dinner, party). Awase can be worn from Autumn to Spring - the motifs in this case are ume (plum blossom), kiku (chrysanthemum), sasa (bamboo leaves) and tsubasa (camelia). These are all considered late-Autumn and Winter motifs, so this kimono is best worn in Autumn and Winter.